Netflix will stream a 'Stranger Things' aftershow for die-hard fans

It’s called ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ and all seven episodes will be available tomorrow.

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It's safe to say that the second season of Netflix's Stranger Things is pretty eagerly anticipated, and now the streaming company is capitalizing on its popularity. Beyond Stranger Things is a new aftershow for the series hosted by Jim Rash. All seven episodes of the series will premiere tomorrow, October 27th, along with the second season of Stranger Things. You can see a trailer for the aftershow below.

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It's certainly not the first popular series to come paired with an aftershow special; The Walking Dead and Star Trek: Discovery both have them, and Netflix even pushed an aftershow for the first season that it posted on YouTube. But the fact that Stranger Things episodes release all at once, rather than week-by-week, makes this an interesting choice. It certainly has the star power to attract viewers, citing interviews with the creators, producers and cast of the show. But will people switch over to watch Beyond Stranger Things between binging episodes? I guess we'll find out.

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