Instagram's new feature adds dramatic zoom-ins to your Stories

Superzoom can give your friends a close-up view of your nostrils.

Instagram's Boomerang has a new alternative that you might want to try if you've been overusing the video loop format recently. The photo-sharing app has launched a new camera format for Stories called Superzoom, which you can use to create zoom-ins with dramatic sound effects. It will make it a cinch to record quick reaction videos or to add a dramatic flair to just about anything you think of. To use it, simply start a new Story, choose the Superzoom mode, press record once for three-second videos or don't let go of the button to create longer ones.

Sometimes, however, you need a bit more than a close-up of your nostrils to scare people. To help you create spooky posts for Halloween, Instagram has also introduced stickers and five new face filters for the occasion. You can choose between looking like a zombie or a vampire or like you're in foggy Silent Hill. The Night View and the flashlight modes, on the other hand, can make you look like you're in a Blair Witch Project remake. All these features are now available worldwide, so you can go crazy with those close-ups anytime.