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Mitsubishi Evo concept is an AI-assisted crossover EV

Fast, furious, and ecologically friendly.

Honda has been rolling out EV concept cars to test the waters, first a throwback boxy coupe, then the debut yesterday of a sporty two-door vehicle with subtle AI assistance. Today, Mitsubishi followed suit with its own new crossover concept, the e-Evolution. If that name sounds familiar, you're on the right track: They've transitioned the iconic Lancer Evo sedan into an electric four-wheel-drive cross-country vehicle.

Shifting a vehicle line to a more agile crossover seems like an admission that it can't compete in the sport sedan space, Autoblog wrote. Instead, the e-Evolution emphasizes road performance: It has Mitsubishi's Super All-Wheel Control for traction while integrating artificial intelligence with external sensors to read external conditions and adjust the vehicle to the driver's actions. A huge flatscreen takes up the whole dashboard, displaying "outside conditions, navigation and coaching information," according to Mitsubishi's press release.

As with most concept vehicles, it's unclear if or when the e-Evolution will be available to consumers. But plugging in all of tomorrow's automotive technologies under the aegis of Mitsubishi's most recognizable model in a transformed SUV is a clear direction for the company's strategy.