Kobo quadruples the storage for limited-edition Aura One e-reader

Enough to store 28,000 text e-books or 700 graphic titles.

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David Lumb
October 30th, 2017
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Enthusiasm for e-readers has slowed in recent years, meaning new entrants have to boldly differentiate or they'll fall under the wheels of Amazon's niche-dominating Kindle. Kobo's Aura One, released in August, is unique in the world of devices: It's waterproof, meaning you can finally take an e-reader into the bath, and has softer light for nighttime perusing. Now Kobo is releasing a limited edition of the device with 32GB of storage, quadruple the space of the original -- which is great news for fans of comics and manga.

Visual formats like those take up so much more space: By Kobo's estimate, the larger Limited Edition Aura One can hold 28,000 text e-books...or 700 manga titles. If that's your ticket, the newer e-reader will run you $280 ($50 more than the stock Aura One). Kobo VIP members can start pre-ordering the device on Kobo's site on September 29th before early purchasing opens up to all US customers December 6th. It will also be available to order in Japan.

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