'Sprint Vector' brings VR foot racing to PlayStation 4

It promises to be one of the more intense VR experiences you'll get.

We were impressed with Sprint Vector's unique approach to running in VR: you swing your arms in a way that feels natural and shouldn't make you queasy. However, there were only plans to release a PC version. What about those of us who want to run in the living room? Never fear: Survios has revealed that Sprint Vector is coming to PlayStation VR. There weren't any firm details (certainly not a release date), but it's safe to say you'll want a pair of Move controllers to play this futuristic foot racer, at least as it was intended.

To recap: the story is that an eccentric robot scoops up not-so-voluntary competitors from around the galaxy to participate in "cross-dimensional" races, but this is ultimately just a pretext for an extremely fast-paced VR experience. The arm-swinging mechanic lets you smoothly dodge around obstacles, soar through the air and vault over hurdles without having to rely on a gamepad, which could easily induce nausea. You won't want to play this when other people are in arm's reach, but it promises a kind of intensity you don't often get with headset-based experiences.