Microsoft's redesigned Mixer mobile app helps you find new streams

It also touts a fresher look and major speed improvements.

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Jon Fingas/Engadget
Jon Fingas/Engadget

Microsoft is continuing its quest to make Mixer as good a livestreaming experience on your phone as it is on your PC back home. It just launched a beta mobile app whose cornerstone is a redesigned Trending section that focuses on finding new game broadcasts. There's a carousel that flips through featured streams, and sections that highlight the hottest games and trending streams. It's now much easier to filter streams by type (such as co-op or interactive), and there's a new Following section to jump directly to the channels you already know.

The beta also gives the Mixer team a chance to revamp much of the app's underlying framework. Many existing features have an updated experience, and the code itself has been ripped apart to boost both performance and reliability.

You can try the Android beta right now, or sign up for one of the handful of iOS test slots. Just be aware that it won't work flawlessly out of the gate. Push notifications may not work consistently, co-op streams may have hiccups and chat won't always be on par with the web experience. With that said, there's enough here that you may find yourself tuning into Mixer more often than you did in the past.

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