This lamp turns on by holding your smartphone hostage

I’m mad at this lamp for even existing.

We've all seen those tips and tricks for how to stay offline and stop checking our phones so much; after all, constant distractions can kill your productivity. But have you ever thought of just surrendering your phone altogether? It's what a new desk lamp from designer Klemens Schillinger demands of you. The lamp will only turn on if you put your smartphone in an attached drawer.

There's no pricing or availability information for this thing -- and really, it seems strange to pay for a device that takes something away from you. The website's description of the lamp reads as follows: "The drawer is like a magical chest that requests a small object like a smartphone that can be put inside. Once the smartphone is locked inside the drawer, the light turns on. When you give something, you get something in return."

Now, the "small object" part is really where it gets interesting. What size object does it have to be? Can you put any small object with some weight into the drawer to trick the lamp into thinking you've surrendered your phone? Does it have to be a certain shape and size? These are important questions that fully miss the entire purpose of this lamp and prove just how addicted I am to my phone. But to be fair, this lamp is a little ridiculous.