Apple Watch Series 3 can stream up to seven hours of music over LTE

And up to five hours of live radio.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Yesterday, Apple released watchOS 4.1, allowing Apple Watch Series 3 users to stream music from their entire iCloud Music Library or through Apple Music rather than limiting them to tunes from playlists synced from their iPhones. And for Watch owners opting into the models with built-in LTE connectivity, the update now allows them to take advantage of these capabilities without having to tote around their iPhones. Now, as MacRumors reports, Apple has released a breakdown of how the Watch Series 3 battery fares during music streaming.

According to tests conducted by Apple on preproduction versions of the latest Watch models, users can stream up to seven hours of Apple Music tunes while using LTE. That's compared to 10 hours of listening when sourcing music stored on the watch itself. Apple also says that the watch's battery will allow users to stream up to five hours of live radio while using LTE. While those times are much shorter than the 18 hours of battery life Apple says the Watch Series 3 has with just basic use, they're still a pretty decent amount of time for someone who wants to make sure their Watch's music streaming will get them through a day of errands or a long workout.

Apple also detailed the Series 3 battery life in regards to talking, workouts, charging and CPU performance. You can check out those stats here.