Adobe Scan uses AI to find documents in your photo gallery

It’s part of a recent update to the app.

Adobe introduced a new feature for Scan, the iOS and Android app that converts scanned documents into editable PDFs using your phone's camera. Thanks to the latest update, Scan can look through your phone's pictures and find receipts, documents, forms and more thanks to AI. It will then turn them into editable and searchable PDFs that you can edit in Acrobat and then export to Microsoft Office. While the scanning is free, advanced PDF features will require a $10/month in-app subscription.

Scan also now allows you to search by name or date to find files. It is compatible with iOS 11's Files feature, and Android users can search while offline. The app update also claims to deliver clearer and cleaner scanned images, especially in the case of shadows or folds. iOS and Android users can download the Adobe Scan update today.