Comcast, Verizon, and Sony are also after Fox's film and TV units

Disney may have some competition on its hands.

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Talk of Disney eyeing Fox's assets has ignited the interest of more media juggernauts. The new batch of contenders includes Comcast, Verizon, and Sony's entertainment arm, according to The Wall Street Journal.

News emerged last week that Disney had held talks with 21st Century Fox to snap up most of its empire, which spans movie studios, its TV production business, entertainment channels (like FX and National Geographic) and international properties like Sky -- whittling Fox down to a smaller-scale enterprise focused on news and sports. Its new suitors are reportedly chasing the same assets, although talks are in the early stages, according to WSJ's sources.

It seems content is king in this case. Fox's entertainment properties (including its Marvel roster, composed of X-Men and Deadpool) would bring Disney a step closer to completing its Marvel Studios collection. And, likely appeal to Sony as well (which saw Spider-Man: Homecoming single-handedly boost its movie division). Meanwhile, Comcast would stand to consume another movie studio (alongside Universal Pictures) and more programming for its Xfinity video streaming services -- something Verizon and Disney are now in the market for too. For better or worse, media consolidation could end up the real victor.

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