Garmin's vivoactive 3 smartwatch can now help you pay for things

But it's limited to MasterCard and select banks for now.

Garmin is mostly known for fitness watches, but introduced something with the launch of its new vivoactive 3 smartwatch: Contactless payments. Several months after announcing this new feature would debut with the wearable, the company's Garmin Pay system is now live, allowing wearers to leave their wallets and phones at home when going out for a run.

Much like Apple Pay, Garmin Pay is a tap-to-purchase system that operates over NFC. Garmin's contactless system runs on Fit Pay, the wearables finance service that had previously tried to bring the same functionality to the Pebble Time smartwatch. Currently, the vivoactive 3 can only be linked to MasterCards from select banks on the launch partner list, but more financial firms with Visa support are coming soon.