YouTube TV now has a picture-in-picture mode on Android phones

If you're using Android Oreo, that is.

If you're going to watch YouTube TV on your phone, there will probably be a point when you'll want to do something else. But how will you keep watching? If you have Android Oreo, it's now relatively easy. An update is rolling out that adds picture-in-picture support on Oreo devices. All you have to do is tap the home button and your show will float on top of whatever app you're running. You can turn it off if you'd rather not have a broadcast grab your attention.

The feature gives YouTube TV an advantage over Hulu and other TV services that have yet to take advantage of Oreo's picture-in-picture feature, although you probably won't want to pay $35 per month just for the privilege. This is more of a perk that could give you a reason to stick with YouTube TV when you might otherwise consider an alternative.