Of course there are Street Fighter-meets-Transformers toys

The nostalgic mash-up nobody wanted.

Listen, I'm sure some of you grew up watching the Transformers cartoon and played Street Fighter years later with a wish in your heart that these two worlds would meet. For those happy few, there are now mash-up toys that let Ryu, villain M. Bison, Ken and Chun Li morph into cars and planes.

Tipsters pointed Transformers fan site Seibertron to the new line, which seems to reuse old models from previous years' Transformers toys. Ergo, Ryu is Optimus Prime (called Convoy in Japan), M. Bison is Megatron, Ken is Hot Rod and Chun Li is Arcee. They'll be released in paired sets, with the more complex Ryoptimus and M. Bisotron going for about $115 US while Kot Rod and Charcee cost around $76. The rumor mill has both coming out in May 2018. Check out the full mock-ups below, which Seibertron put together: