Google finally fixes the burger emoji

Our long national nightmare is over.

After a long wait, Google has finally done the right thing. We're talking, of course, about fixing its burger emoji illustration so that the cheese is on top of the patty, like it should be. Granted, that may seem like a very small thing to worry about, but people were so salty over the mis-drawing that Google CEO Sundar Pichai promised to "drop everything and address" it this past October 28th. The change comes along with a few other emoji fixes in the Android 8.1 developer preview, which is available now.


In addition to righting the cheese placement-wrong, the new beta also contains updated emojis for "Beer" and "Beers," filling up the steins so that the frothy head makes much more sense. The "Cheese" emoji gets a more three-dimensional look as well, which should please fans of fromage the world over. As Emojipedia notes, this is of course a beta update, which means that the changes may not be final (though we surely hope the burger stays fixed for all our sakes).