NASA to release Voyager Golden Record as a vinyl box set

You can get a CD version sooner, but why?

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Rob LeFebvre
November 28, 2017 7:44 PM
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Ozma Records
Ozma Records

Speaking as a space-loving child of the '70s and a music fan, it was hard to contain my excitement when NASA took to Kickstarter to fund a pressing of the space agency's Voyager Golden Records. Sent into space in 1977, the Golden Record contained sounds of nature, greetings in many different languages and classical and rock music in the hopes that any aliens that found the space probe would better know humanity. The crowdfunding was successful, thankfully, and you can now get a box set of the watershed discs, this time on vinyl (or CD, if you must).

Released by Light in the Attic and Ozma Records, the $50 box set will contain two CDs containing all the audio content from the original, plus the encoded images -- each scanned from a set of the master slides. There'll also be a 96-page hardcover book with an original essay by journalist Timothy Ferris, who produced the Carl Sagan-curated Voyager Interstellar Record in 1977. The book will also have a gallery of photos sent back to Earth from the Voyager probes. You'll be able to purchase the 3 LP Box Set in February of next year for $98. You can pre-order either edition now, with delivery for Christmas only available for the CD version.

Ozma Records notes that Voyager I entered interstellar space in 2010 and is currently almost 21 billion kilometers away from Earth. Voyager 2 is just finishing up its own, slower run of our solar system, but will end up "out there" as well. Whether aliens ever listen to the sounds on the Golden Record or not, at least we can own a piece of space history that embodies a hopeful viewpoint on our own.

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NASA to release Voyager Golden Record as a vinyl box set