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Toyota's FT-AC concept is an Instagram-ready offroader

A crossover for our always-connected society.

If you've ever thought, "I'd really like to be able to record all my drives both on-road and off," the Toyota FT-AC (Future Toyota Adventure Concept)crossover is the vehicle for you. With detachable infrared cameras on the side mirrors that record your jaunts, it's the Instagram-ready car of your active-lifestyle dreams.

While the current Toyota C-HR crossover is clearly more of an urban vehicle, the concept FT-AC is directed towards folks that spend their weekends in the great outdoors. For those adventures, the footage shot via those detachable cameras is uploaded to Toyota's cloud via the car's Wi-Fi hotspot. There it can be edited and shared with a companion app. The footage can also be live streamed directly from the road for those moments when you really need the world to know exactly what you're doing at that moment.

If you're a cyclist, the FT-AC features a retractable bike rack and detachable fog lights you can attach to your bike. Considering how much brighter vehicles lamps are than bike lamps, this will alleviate any issues you've had on night rides of not being able to see the terrain. The lights can also be used as a camping lamp.

This joins the company's FT-AX concept crossover as the automaker's way of making sure it keeps up with the growing SUV market. Toyota might have the best selling car in the United States (Camry), but it knows that larger cars are what most customers want. "We have to admit that the exterior is aggressive. But you like it right?" Said Toyota Jack Hollis group vice president.

In addition to an all-wheel-drive pure gas engine, Toyota expects the FT-AC to also have a hybrid version. So you can be greener while you head outside.

Like all concept cars, if this does come to market some of the more outlandish features will probably never make it to the showroom. But considering how much our lives revolve around documenting our events, it's not too much of a stretch to think that at least some elements of the video capturing system will end up in our garages.