Google's Santa hub has you taking 'elfies' around the world

Santa's Village is especially trendy this year.

Google has brought back Santa's Village for another year, and this time it's particularly trendy. Fire up the Santa Tracker app on your Android phone and you can play Santa Snap, a game that has you flying around Google Maps to take "elfies" at famous landmarks around the world. Basically, it's Amélie with Santa's helpers in place of gnomes. Other activities will pop up daily between now and December 24th, including a equally of-the-moment AI drawing game (a festive take on Quick, Draw), an elf dance coding game and a virtual snowball fight.

Naturally, Google is keeping up its tradition of launching a 'live' Santa tracker on the 24th (complete with a "where is Santa?" question in Google Assistant), and it'll help schools get into the spirit by offering lessons focused on the educational games. Although there's no guarantee that you'll keep coming back, Google is clearly going out of its way to keep things fresh.