‘Altered Carbon,’ Netflix’s answer to ‘Blade Runner,’ debuts in February

It's always raining in the future.

Looking for something to sate your Blade Runner appetite until this year's 2049 hits Blu-ray? Then take a look at the first trailer for Netflix's upcoming sci-fi serial Altered Carbon. The quick look has it all: grimy retro-futuristic flying cars, lots of rain, at least one trench coat and a neon-drenched market scene. As far as actual story goes, the series is based on Richard K. Morgan's books of the same name and follows protagonist Takeshi Kovacs as he investigates a murder. The twist? Human consciousness has been digitized and Kovacs was dead for a few centuries prior to being resurrected to take the case. Yeah.

This type of death and resurrection show isn't cheap, and as such, only the well-heeled have access to it. When the deceased in question is the world's richest man, the question of just what "mortality" means comes into play. Altered Carbon will debut February 2nd next year.