Google's expanded search snippets display even more related info

It wants to help you find more than what you originally looked for.

There are many times where you're not just searching the web for one thing -- you may want to learn everything there is to know about a movie, or look for other players on a sports team. Google wants to address that. It's trotting out a slew of search updates that deliver more of the related info you may want. Both its Featured Snippets (the box that automatically highlights relevant answers) and the Knowledge Panel (the cards on the side) now include more images and related searches. Look for skiing, for instance, and you'll see searches for winter sports like snowboarding.

The search engine is also smarter in those moments when you're looking for multiple connected topics in short succession. You'll now get suggestions for related topics if there's a common thread. Look for a couple of football players and you'll see recommendations for other players pop up the next time around.

Google's tweaks get to its core mission of providing answers to your questions, but they're also helpful to its bottom line by keeping you on Google's site (and thus seeing more ads). Not that there's much cause for complaint. It's a hassle to type out multiple queries when you know what you want, and this might encourage you to explore a topic that you hadn't given much thought.