Porsche is working on a plug-in hybrid version of the 911

The future is (at least partially) electric.

Porsche has been flirting with EVs for a bit now and it looks like the the famed 911 coupe might be going partially electric. CEO Oliver Bloom recently told Automotive News that a plug-in hybrid version of the car will go on sale near 2023, roughly four years after the redesigned gas version hits the market. The publication reports that the decision to hybridize the coupe isn't final, but that Bloom is pushing for it regardless. "It will be very important for the 911 to have a plug-in hybrid," he said.

New battery tech could extend electric-only range to 43 miles on a 47 amp-hour battery, and by the time the cars hit the market, that number could go up. The Panamera hybrid Porsche showed off at the LA Auto Show boasted a 30-mile range on a 14.1kWh battery.

Why the 911, though? Well, it could be that Porsche is willing to try anything to boost fuel economy and get regulators off its back -- a 2017 911 Carrera gets 20 MPG city and 29 MPG highway.