Google finally integrates Duo on Android call screen

The option is showing up in the regular phone dialer app for some users.

Google has been planning to integrate its Duo video chat on Pixel, Nexus and Android One phones for a couple of months. According to a report at Android Police, the company is rolling out Duo video chat in the ordinary phone dialer app, which basically makes the app a kind of Android Facetime. Engadget has also confirmed the feature.

According to Android Police, the Duo button is showing up in some users' regular phone dialer app. When you tap the video call button, your phone launches the Duo app and activates your camera. The person you're calling can then accept or decline the incoming video call. Android Police notes that the initial phone call will disconnect when the Duo video chat takes over, and that you'll have two entries in your call log — one for the initial phone call and one for the video call.