'Oxenfree' developer's next game is about drinking with Satan

Welcome to the 'Afterparty.'

2016 saw the release of many YA-themed games, and Oxenfree was one of the highlights. Developer Night School Studio is ready to show off its next project and, well, this one is a little different. In Afterparty, players assume the role of a pair of college seniors who have their revelry interrupted by their untimely death. As a result, they are doomed to a pub crawl in hell, as the adventure game follows them from bar to bar on a quest to outdrink Satan himself and escape.

IGN has more details on the game, where it appears that your focus will be choosing between a combination of drinks and dialogue options to make sure this "best night ever" ends on the right note. Three face buttons represent different responses, while the fourth is just for drinking. Night School co-founder Sean Krankel said that in Oxenfree "you really do get to interact with a coming-of-age story in ways that a movie or book don't let you," and we expect more of the same with this game. Whether you're still at the age where staying out all night is an appealing idea or you're looking back at those days with some combination of regret and/or longing, this may be a game to keep an eye on when it arrives in 2019.