Canary's security cameras will soon detect people

The feature is apparently just part of Canary's new AI-powered tool suite.


While Canary's security cameras can notify you when they detect something moving in your home, they can't differentiate between an intruder and your pet Fluffy doing zoomies. Once their new feature rolls out, though, you won't have to get 20 notifications in an hour if you don't want to. The company has announced that it's rolling out Person Detection to all Canary and Canary Flex cameras in the near future -- for free. It relies on machine learning to figure out whether your camera is seeing a human being, so the system can send you specific person alerts.

Canary didn't say when the feature will be available. But when it goes live, you'll be able to choose whether to get notifications only when your camera detects a person or to continue getting them for every movement it spots. The company also says that Person Detection is just one of the new "AI-powered intelligence" features it's launching in the coming months and that it'll reveal more details about it over the next few weeks.