Wink pairs with Sonos to auto-tune your smart home

Your fave playlist can greet you the moment you step through the door.

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Saqib Shah
December 19th, 2017
Edgar Alvarez/Engadget
Edgar Alvarez/Engadget

Sonos announced it was opening up its ecosystem a couple months back and, sure enough, controls for Tidal and Pandora followed, with Airplay 2 support also inbound. Unsurprisingly, its upcoming Alexa integration hogged the limelight, but the smart speaker-maker also promised smart home partnerships with the likes of Wink and, among others. Fast forward more than two months, and the Wink team-up is now a reality, courtesy of the Wink Hub 2's compatibility with all Sonos products.

Wink's successor to its original Hub is essentially a control panel for all your connected products. After paring your Sonos system via the Wink app, you can trigger smart home devices to auto-play tracks and playlists, for example when you step in the house, using Wink Robots. You can also add Sonos music controls to the Shortcuts section in the Wink app, in order to blast tunes throughout the house from virtually any room. Then all that's left is to nail the smart lighting to match the jams.

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