Charizard will look life-size with the 'Pokémon Go' AR+ update

And your battery will probably pay the price.

The latest update for Pokémon Go doesn't add new monsters. Instead, it takes advantage of iOS 11's advanced augmented reality tech to give you a better look at them. "The new AR+ feature builds on the core AR gameplay in Pokémon Go and leverages Apple's ARKit framework to enhance the visuals and dynamics of catching Pokémon in the real world," a blog post says. Meaning, Pikachu and pals will now be the proper size based on where you find them. Getting closer or backing up will cause them to change in size and perspective from here on out assuming you have an iPhone 6s or newer.

This isn't just a superficial update, either. Developer Niantic says that if you're sneaky enough you'll be able to earn a new capture bonus with each creature. Given AR's impact on battery life, though, the question is if anyone's going to use this for more than posting shots of the pocket monsters to Instagram.