Lenovo's standalone Daydream VR headset pops up at the FCC

The Mirage Solo may be just around the corner.

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HTC may have ditched its Google Daydream headset, but Lenovo still appears to be on track. An FCC filing has surfaced for a Mirage Solo standalone VR headset "with Daydream." There aren't any shocking revelations (unless Bluetooth 5.0 and a 4,000mAh battery will make you gasp). However, it's the listing's very existence that matters -- this indicates that you're finally close to seeing what Daydream VR is like when you don't need a phone.

Just when you'll see it is the tricky part. It would be logical for Lenovo to introduce the Mirage Solo at CES in January, but whether or not it ships anywhere near the show is another matter. Remember how Lenovo unveiled its Windows Mixed Reality headset at CES this year, but didn't ship it until October? You won't necessarily wait that long, but you certainly shouldn't expect to cure the winter blahs with a dedicated Daydream headset.

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