Lenovo's mixed reality headset offers built-in tracking for $350

The Explorer promises easier, more affordable VR.

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Windows Mixed Reality headsets are coming out of the woodwork at IFA, and now it's Lenovo's turn to add to the introductions. It's launching the Explorer, and the headgear will sound very familiar if you've seen other models -- not that this is necessarily a bad thing. Thanks to the dual cameras, you get VR motion tracking in a reasonably large (11.5 feet by 11.5 feet) space without external sensors or a complicated setup. Likewise, there are optional motion controllers (below) for titles that need more immersive control.

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The Explorer ships in October, and the pricing will seem very familiar if you've read about other WMR headsets. You're looking at $350 for just the headset, or $450 for a bundle with the motion controllers. As such, buying one might come down to personal preference. Do you like the look of Lenovo's headset, or believe it would go well with your ThinkPad? Then it might be your pick. Otherwise, you can likely pick up one of the alternatives.

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