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'Fallout Shelter' arrives on Windows 10 and Xbox One next week

Back to the vault, Overseer.

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Mobile games have been making their way to consoles at a semi-regular clip lately. Most recently it was Square Enix Montreal's series of Go titles moving to PlayStation 4, and now Fallout Shelter is making its way to Xbox One and Windows 10. Now, it was already available on Steam, but this version offers Play Anywhere features like cloud-sync and shared achievements between the platforms. So, it's a little different.

Overall, the game might feel a little bit backwards considering Fallout 4's "Vault-Tec" add-on pack tasked players with creating their own vaults. But unlike that, Fallout Shelter -- out February 7th -- will be available for free and its load speeds will almost assuredly be faster than booting Fallout 4 proper. Best of luck guarding against super mutants, Overseer.

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