'Fallout Shelter' is becoming a bit more like 'Fallout 4'

This week's update adds crafting, a tweaked day-and-night cycle and... parrots.

Timothy J. Seppala, Engadget

We still don't have exact timing for the upcoming Fallout 4 add-on packs and survival mode, but perhaps a pretty sizable update to Fallout Shelter is an olive branch of sorts. For the most part, the patch brings a level of parity between the console and mobile game with the addition of armor and weapons crafting, a day-and-night cycle and Vault Dweller customization by way of a new room type (a barbershop). Oh, and because Bethesda doesn't discriminate against non-four-legged creatures in terms of pet ownership, parrots are joining a few new cats and dogs in your underground utopia.

From the sounds of it, Bethesda is going to keep the mobile game updated on the regular too. The post on the publisher's/developer's website promises more to come following this one, which hits rather ambiguously sometime "later this week."Here's the thing, just how many people are still playing the game? Personally, I haven't opened the app in at least three months, mainly because if I want to play Fallout I just turn on my PlayStation 4; I'm kind of a sucker for narrative. What about you? Are you still playing 'Fallout Shelter' ?