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PayPal's Slack bot makes recouping the office bar tab easy

"Just Slack me the funds on Monday."

Slack is a popular way for teams to communicate in the office and bots make the app a lot more helpful with a number of tasks. Thanks to PayPal, there's a simple way for you to send money to a colleague or friend if they grab your coffee or pick up a bar tab after work. With the PayPal Slack bot, all you have to do is type "/PayPal send $5 to (insert username here)" and the funds will be on their way.

You can also include a reason for the payment, like "for Friday's beers," but it's not a requirement. To take advantage of the PayPal bot, you'll need to install it in Slack, connect your account and configure transaction settings -- like when you want to review and approve any funds that are about to change hands. For now, the bot is available to Slack users in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. To see the feature in action, take a gander at the video down below.

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