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'Battlefield 1' joins EA's on-demand gaming service

Along with other big names like 'Titanfall 2' and 'FIFA 17.'
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
08.10.17 in AV

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With EA Access' all-you-can-eat video game service, you can play full versions of the publisher's games, which include big name titles like Titanfall 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and FIFA 17. Today, the video game publisher tweeted that its popular shooter Battlefield 1 is now available for subscribers on Xbox One.

The fifteenth installment of the popular EA game series, Battlefield 1 takes players back to World War 1, something of a departure for the franchise. It added a playable female soldier class for the first time this past May, with four other DLC packs scheduled this year. Now that the game is in the EA Access Vault, you can pay your $5 per month fee and play it (and the more than 45 other titles) as often and as much as you want.

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