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iOS 11 comes to your iPhone and iPad on September 19th

Start clearing out your videos and get ready to leave your phone plugged in overnight.

Months after its initial unveiling at WWDC this year, iOS 11 is finally (almost) ready for public consumption. Come Sept 19, you'll be able to install Apple's latest software update -- should you choose to, anyway. The new iOS will ship with the newly announced iPhone 8 and 8 Plus when they arrive in stores on Sept 19, which is also most likely when the upgrade will roll out to the public. Those of us with aging iPhones (and iPads) will likely need to clear out old files and apps to make room for the update. But when you do eventually get iOS 11, you'll enjoy cool new tricks like Live Photo modes, a more-intelligent Siri and a customizable Control Center.

iOS 11 may also create animated emojis based on your facial expression, and facilitate much better multitasking prowess on iPads. One of the most major new features the new system brings is Apple's ARKit, to help developers make augmented reality content more realistic. It also adds an important security benefit: you'll be able to dial 911 and disable TouchID by pressing the power button five times in a row. This helps prevent you from being forced to unlock your phone with your fingerprint.

It seems like there are plenty of reasons to upgrade to iOS 11 once it's available, but as with most new software launches, there are bound to be bugs, so make sure you back up all your data before starting the installation.

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