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Blizzard's mobile app is strictly social

No filters please, we're Blizzard.

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With its original moniker intact (sort of), Blizzard is making the jump to mobile. The online gaming platform already boasts a desktop portal, through which players can install and patch games, voice chat, message one another, and livestream their gameplay to Facebook. Its brand-spanking new iOS and Android apps, on the other hand, offer a pared-down service focusing entirely on the social aspect. for mobile essentially functions as a messaging app, and even then it's a bit limited. Still, some of you out there will probably be relieved to learn that it's a filter and sticker-free zone. Upon logging in, you'll be able to send and receive friend requests, find users via their Battletag or email address, text chat, and see what your buddies are playing. Like other social networks, the app even uses QR codes to help you connect with pals. For now, that's pretty much it, but this is just the beginning. To sustain interest, Blizzard could emulate the Steam mobile app by adding the ability to remotely download and install titles.

Naturally, it's all about getting your gaming organized on the go. For example, when you're out and about, you can jump on the app to see who's online (and what they're playing), and then message them to arrange a sesh. That way, when you reach home, everything should be in place -- if you have a disciplined clan, that is.

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