Snapchat's new filters make your photo backgrounds look surreal

Swap the real sky for stormy clouds or a starry night.

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Snapchat is rolling out some new filters today that go beyond your face. Now, any time the app detects a sky in your picture, "Sky Filters" will show up in the filter carousel. They'll allow you to switch the real sky out for something entirely different including a starry night, a sunset, one with a brewing storm or a sky with rainbows. The filter options will rotate daily.

Snap has been playing with augmented reality for a little while now. It's recent offerings include World Lenses, introduced to Snapchat earlier this year, which let users place 3D objects within the real world image captured by their camera. And this month, Snapchat added 3D Bitmoji to its World Lens offerings. We'll likely see even more advanced AR features in the future as Snap has spent quite a bit of money on its augmented reality technology and has bought a few useful companies along the way.

Some other recent Snapchat additions include extended video recording, backdrops and the Snap Map.

Sky Filters are rolling out today on both iOS and Android as Snapchat gears up for its sixth birthday.

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