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Evaporating Bitmoji cost Snapchat around $100 million

Get ready for personalized emoji all over those ephemeral stories.

Christian Vierig via Getty Images

SnapChat is buying Bitstrips, the company behind those weird (and depending on your Facebook News Feed) sometimes offensive personalized avatar comic strips. Fortune reports that the deal between Bitstrips and the ephemeral messaging company is somewhere around a $100 million purchase in cash and stock. How the avatar-minded outfit will fit in with Snapchat's temporary nature is anyone's guess at this point, but given the latter's big push into face-morphing tech and emoji for its evaporating stories that's probably a good bet.

Just think: Instead of seeing someone vomit rainbows or turn into a panda, you could watch a cartoon version of their face bouncing around the concert they just got pulled onstage for. The future, ladies and gentlemen.