Snapchat's video viewing triples in just six months

Have you been watching a lot of video on Snapchat lately? You're not alone... far from it, in fact. Snapchat has confirmed to the Financial Times that its video viewing has tripled in half a year, to the point where people are watching 6 billion clips every day. It didn't explain the sudden uptick, but it wouldn't be surprising if it's a combination of a growing user base with Discover and the increasing volume of Live Stories you can watch. Snapchat isn't just for recording private messages for your friends, then -- it may well be a one-stop video shop for some people.

You can't directly compare Snapchat's video business to that of other internet giants, since it's focusing on short-and-sweet views versus the many minutes you might spend at sites like YouTube. However, it's a big deal for a social service that exists solely on smartphones. Facebook just reached 8 billion views per day, and it has a much larger user base that can watch on PCs. You'd expect Snapchat to do better with video given how central a feature it is, but it's now clear just how much better the company is faring.

[Image credit: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images]