Snapchat's new update goes easy on your data, heavy on emoji

Snapchat rolled out a pair of new features for the photo and video sharing app (for both iOS and Android) designed to reduce the amount of data it uses while increasing the number of ways users can employ emoji. Travel Mode will disable the app from automatically preloading data-intensive Stories while the device is on a cellular connection. Once enabled, you'll need to tap on each Story for it to load (though you won't have to keep pressing). Access this feature through the Manage screen (just click the gear icon in the top right of the screen).

Additionally, incorporating emoji into your snaps is even easier thanks to the new Sticker Picker menu. And rather than only being able to place emoji along a single line of text, you can slap as many as you want, anywhere on the screen. What's more, users can also now export their Snapcodes as video files, allowing them to be shared on other social media sites.

[Image Credit: shutterstock]