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Gmail on iOS trials third-party email accounts

You'll have to sign up to become a beta tester.

One of the worst things about Gmail for iOS is that unlike its Android counterpart, it doesn't support third-party accounts. If you also use Outlook or other providers for any reason, you'll still have to depend on one of its rival apps. Now, it looks like Google is at least thinking of letting you use the app for all your email needs -- it's now accepting applications for beta testers willing to brave crashes and bugs for the chance to add their non-Gmail accounts to their Gmail app.

To be able to join, you'll have to already be using the Gmail app, have a non-Gmail address to add and have iOS 10 or later installed on your phone. Take note that Google has to share whatever info you give it with Apple, since this is a TestFlight program. You can sign up through the beta testing page Google set up for the feature: if you get accepted, you'll receive instructions from Apple on how to proceed. There's no telling when and whether the feature will ever be widely available, so this could be your only chance to take it for a spin.

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