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The future of VR is social: A conversation at Engadget Experience

Los Angeles is in for a high-tech treat on November 14th.
Mike Blake / Reuters

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The Engadget Experience is a day-long celebration of the future of entertainment, gaming, media and art in downtown Los Angeles on November 14th. That day, we've invited the top minds in virtual and augmented reality to the Ace Hotel Theater, where they'll showcase their latest projects and dive deep into the state of these new platforms.

For instance, is VR a passing fad or is it here to stay? The answer to that question may lie in VR's ability to be social.

In "The Social Medium," we'll sit down with Boo Wong of The Mill, Adam Arrigo of TheWaveVR and Dedric Reid of HelloVR -- veterans of gaming, music and VFX -- to talk about their attempts to infuse virtual reality with human interaction. On the surface, VR looks like a disconnected, isolating experience, but it has the potential to connect people in brilliant new worlds, in myriad ways. Imagine shared VR music festivals and sports games, or living, world-scale simulations populated by friends and strangers. These experiences are necessary to VR's survival, and they're exactly what our panelists are building.

Humans are social creatures, and that doesn't change when we strap on a VR headset. If developers want more folks in VR, they'll have to turn the platform into a space where people can play -- together.

Grab tickets for the Engadget Experience right here.

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