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    The Engadget Experience

    For 13 years, Engadget has been the leading voice in consumer electronics news. When we launched in 2004, smartphones were just beginning to take shape. Today, they are sophisticated machines with near-universal adoption. As smartphones, laptops and tablets have become more commonplace, the thrill of a new iPhone has lost its shine. Meanwhile, new mediums of expression have taken center stage, pushing the boundaries of art and technology and forcing us to reconsider preconceived notions of reality. Virtual reality, augmented reality, even artificial intelligence present new challenges to and venues for storytellers, but the conversation between artists and technologists hasn’t kept pace with innovation. 

    During our one-day event in the heart of American creativity, Engadget will bring together the greatest minds in art, entertainment and technology to explore the unique challenges facing today’s creative pioneers. Through a series of talks, interviews, screenings and installations, we’ll attempt to bridge the gap between these often disparate worlds. 

    To further demonstrate the potential of art as technology and vice versa, we’re also giving away up to five grants of up to $100,000 a piece for the creation or completion of immersive art projects focused on the theme of “alternate realities.” We’ll select, fund and showcase a small group of works that show the potential of these new mediums and give our audience the chance to engage, not only with the art but also with the people making it. A short documentary series, which will debut at the event, will follow Engadget’s editors and a small board of art and entertainment advisors as they bring the show together and the selected artists as they create their projects.


    The Theatre at Ace Hotel

    929 S Broadway
    Los Angeles, CA 90015

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    You're invited to join the conversation with storytellers, technologists and creators at The Engadget Experience this November. You'll get to witness firsthand as we explore the intersection of art and technology.

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