Hisense's latest 4K TVs will include Amazon Alexa

Control your home from the big screen.

We've found the running theme for TVs at this year's CES: built-in voice assistants. Hisense has revealed that some of its 2018 4K TVs will include Amazon Alexa, letting you control both the set itself and your smart home. You can change inputs, stream online radio or turn on your lights without budging from the couch. Hisense isn't saying much about the TVs themselves, but it does note that a 100-inch laser TV will be one of those receiving the Alexa treatment.

You should hear more about Hisense's lineup by the time CES kicks off. However, it already notes that it's making "significant investments" in voice control, including a remote control, a mobile app and already-announced Alexa gear including an air conditioner and dehumidifier. Like most of its immediate rivals, it's making a big bet that AI helpers will be important across much of its product line -- TVs are just the star attractions.

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