Samsung's smart TVs are getting ESPN and Freeform

But for now, only if they're 2017 smart TV models.

If you have a 2017 Samsung Smart TV, you can now install ESPN and Freeform, thanks to the deal the Korean company struck with their overlord Disney. While both apps have been around on phones, tablets and streaming devices for a long time, this makes things much easier if you'd rather stream directly on your TV. The ESPN app gives you access to all things sports, obviously, including the upcoming Alabama-Georgia College Football Playoff National Championship. Freeform, on the other hand, is for binging on movies and TV shows, including Gilmore Girls and Shadowhunters.

You'll still need to be a pay TV subscriber to be able to access both apps, however -- that bit unfortunately hasn't changed. It's also unclear if they'll ever be available on older smart TV models. But if you are a pay TV subscriber and have a new Samsung smart TV, then you can download the apps anywhere you are in the US.