Coravin's smart wine opener doesn't remove the cork

Unfortunately, it costs $999.

If you're not familiar with Coravin, the company makes wine openers that allow you to pour a glass without removing the cork. The devices pierce the cork with a thin needle that doesn't remove any material, so you can have some and then continue to cellar the bottle. So-called Coravin Capsules (similar to CO2 cartridges) filled with Argon gas push the wine out of the bottle and into your glass. At CES 2018, though, the company took its wares to a whole other level with the Model 11.

Coravin calls it "the world's first fully connected and fully automated wine preservation opener." In addition to pouring wine like its other models, this unit syncs with the Coravin Moments app. With that added bit of software, you can keep tabs on how much gas is left and other valuable info. It also offers suggestions for a specific event or food pairing based on what you have in your cellar. As you might expect, it can also suggests wines that you make not already own, but that might be well-suited for, say, eating Mexican food and watching Stranger Things. Wines are pulled in from the same database that powers Delectable's wine app.

The Model 11 also has an aerator attachment that Coravin says creates the same effect as the wine sitting in a glass for an hour. It also produces a quite fancy-looking shower stream when you use it. Of course, if you don't want to aerate a bottle, you certainly don't have to. Sounds sweet, right? Well, the only downside is the smart gadget costs $999, so this definitely isn't for casual wine drinkers. If that's too extravagant for you, the already available Model One and Model Two cost $200 and $300, respectively. If you really want to splurge for the Model 11, though, you can do so in September when the device goes on sale.

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