Google Assistant will unlock Schlage Sense deadbolts

You don't have to be picky about your choice of voice helper.

Schlage's Sense smart deadbolt now works with (almost) any virtual assistant under the Sun. The lock maker has revealed that Sense will support Google Assistant early in the first quarter, letting you check on your door (and, of course, lock it) from your Google Home or mobile apps that use the AI helper. You'll need the Sense WiFi adapter to make this work, but it'll give you the choice of Assistant, Alexa or Siri (via HomeKit) -- not bad when some rivals only offer one or two options.

The solution won't be cheap when you're looking at a $229 official price for the deadbolt itself and another $69 for the WiFi adapter. However, it might be worth the outlay if you want remote control of your door and don't want to be forced to use a specific platform or smart speaker.

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