Sprint CEO to join Uber's board of directors

The carrier boss will have a say over Uber's direction.

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Reuters/Dave Kaup
Reuters/Dave Kaup

SoftBank has more than just a large stake in Uber -- it'll soon have some direct control as well. Recode sources understand that Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure is taking one of SoftBank's two slots on Uber's board of directors in the "next few weeks." The other slot is reportedly slated to go to Rajeev Misra, the leader of the SoftBank Vision Fund that took charge of the Uber deal. Neither Uber nor SoftBank has commented on the apparent scoop.

Uber is still looking for both an independent chairman and three independent directors.

It's not completely surprising that Claure would grab a spot on Uber's board. As the head of Sprint, he's arguably SoftBank's most prominent American executive. However, it also raises the possibility of further collaboration between Uber and one of the largest American carriers. Sprint has preloaded Uber's app in the past, and it wouldn't be out of the question to see more tie-ins or policy decisions that serve Sprint's interests.

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