Anker's Bluetooth charger brings Alexa to newer cars

At $50, it's a lot cheaper than many competing devices.

Some automakers are already planning to load their new models with Amazon's famous voice assistant, but you don't need to buy a new car to have Alexa as a road companion. Anker has launched a new plug-and-play Bluetooth smart charger at CES 2018 called Roav Viva, and it can give you access to the AI no matter what car you're driving -- as long as it supports Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP. The technology's been around since early 2010s, so chances are your vehicle comes equipped with it if you purchased it within the past few years.

You can do anything you can usually do with Alexa through Roav Viva, such as checking for weather conditions or ordering a coffee. If you want to play music, you can ask Alexa to connect to iHeartRadio or Pandora. You can also listen to audiobooks on Audible, play Jeopardy with friends during a road trip and use voice commands to look up directions on Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze. If you want to use Roav Viva as a charger, you can plug in two devices at once. Since it's powered by Anker's super-fast PowerIQ charging technology, you may even be able to quickly switch between the gadgets you're charging if you need to.

Anker's Roav Viva works with both Android and iPhone, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Unlike Garmin Speak, which can also put Alexa in your car for $150, this one will only set you back $50. It's now available for pre-order on Amazon in the US, and it'll also launch globally early this year.

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