HP's Omen PCs will let you stream games to slower computers

It's one way to play 'Overwatch' on an old laptop.

HP is getting into the game streaming arena -- though probably not in the way you'd expect. With the aptly titled "Omen Game Stream" app, it'll integrate the feature in all of its gaming PCs later this spring. Basically, you'll be able to take advantage of the powerful hardware from an Omen machine to play games on just about any PC over the internet. It's the sort of thing we've seen from NVIDIA and Valve, both of which offer in-home streaming solutions. With this app, HP could make life a lot easier for gamers who need their Overwatch fix when they're away from their rigs.

At the heart of Omen Game Stream is technology from Parsec, which can deliver 1080p gaming at up up 60 frames per second. As usual with these types of solutions, what you're actually seeing is a video of what the more powerful machine is outputting. In a brief controlled demo from HP, the app appeared to deliver a smooth experience while streaming some modern games. But of course, that was being shown under ideal internet conditions.

HP claims you'll be able to stream games from anywhere with a "strong" internet connection, but it's not offering any specifics about bandwidth minimums yet.

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