HyperX memory improves your PC's light show with infrared

Create perfect harmony inside your case.

Many PC enthusiasts use light-up RAM to add a flair to their systems. But creating a proper, synchronized light show isn't always easy. Even if you have the right motherboard, compatible RAM and the necessary software, there's no guarantee of a harmonious display. HyperX wants to fix that: it's introducing new Predator DDR4 modules that can use infrared light to sync their RGB illumination. There's no guesswork and no external cables -- you can just assume your lights will pulse together using power directly from the motherboard.

If you prefer the more conventional route, HyperX is promising compatibility with existing RGB control software from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and others. You should also see support from case makers like In-Win.

The new Predator memory ships sometime in the second quarter of the year. HyperX hasn't divulged pricing or configurations, but it's reasonable to presume that this will carry a premium like other RGB memory sticks. You're paying for decoration on top of gaming-friendly memory, and that rarely comes cheap.

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