Intel Studios is a high-tech soundstage for capturing 360-degree video

The chipmaker has formed an 'exploratory' partnership with Paramount Studios.

Intel built a high-tech soundstage in Los Angeles for capturing volumetric video in real-time. More than that, the chipmaker has forged an "exploratory partnership" with Paramount Pictures to see what's possible with the technology that can capture a scene from pretty much any point of view -- even that of a horse during a Wild West shootout.

Paramount's chairman Jim Gianopolulos said that he thinks filmmakers will adapt to the technology well. The slow-mo panning (think The Matrix's bullet-time shots) and perspective-swapping might not have a place in traditional movies, but VR tie-ins could benefit from the data-rich tech.

The chipmaker has spent over a year building out the 25,000 square-foot studio with 10,000 square feet dedicated just for video capture. To house all the data generated from shooting, there are 10 petabytes of local storage. Needless to say, if you're making 360 degree video, this is where you'll want to shoot.

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