Watch the best of Samsung's CES 2018 press conference in 12 minutes

It sure beats sitting still for an hour.

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Some of Samsung's biggest announcements broke cover before the company's big CES press conference, but that didn't stop a parade of execs from sharing their vision of a Samsung-fueled future. If they have their way, we'll be brainstorming on connected whiteboards, commuting in DRVLINE-powered autonomous cars and talking to Bixby a lot. More than anything, though, Samsung tried to paint a picture of how it will take all of its disparate products and weave them together into a cohesive ecosystem. It's fascinating stuff, but we're not sure the presentation had to be an hour long. To prove it (and to help you easily catch up on the company's biggest news), we put together a 12-minute supercut you can check out above.

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